Wednesday, February 28, 2018


It was fun to get a little more abstract with this one. Someone in my class told me it had a little "Kat Corrigan going on", which made me so happy to hear! :) 

Koi - 6x6 in. Acrylic on Gessobord

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


I've been seeing a ton of beautiful floral paintings in my Instagram feed lately and was inspired to try some. I really like the "loose" (impressionistic?) style of floral paintings by Debbie and Brian Miller and Teddi Parker, and was going for that feel here. This is based on a reference photo from Paint My I'm still experimenting with the new paints and slightly expanded palette - and it was fun to paint on a black background again after taking a break from that for a while.

Gerberas - Acrylic on 6x6in hard board

Monday, February 12, 2018

Shake-it-up Callie

I've been in a painting rut lately. I've been painting quite a bit but not liking how anything is turning out. Hmphh. I've been experimenting with a few different things to try shaking things up. This painting of my favorite muse, Callie, is using a different paint brand than I normally use, and a couple added hues to my normal very limited palette (cadmium red medium and ultramarine blue, if you're curious!). I also tried a different background toning (quin. magenta) than my usual black. 

Callie study. 5x7in Acrylic on gessobord